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Arizona settles with company that allegedly targeted local businesses in fraud scheme

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) — Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced July 27 that Mandatory Poster Agency Inc. and its owners will pay $175,000 in restitution to Arizona businesses after allegations it sent government “Annual Minutes" lookalike mailers.

Oklahoma sues four major opioid manufacturers, alleges responsibility for public health crisis

OKLAHOMA CITY (Legal Newsline) — Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced June 30 that his office has filed a lawsuit against the four leading manufacturers of opioid pain medication in the United States, for allegations of deceptive marketing that helped advance the country’s opioid epidemic.

Massachusetts accuses oil tank removal company of hazardous waste law violations

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) — Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced a lawsuit July 25 against Commonwealth Tank Inc. (CommTank) and President Kevin Hoag for allegations of illegally generating and storing hazardous waste and discharging pollutants into an unpermitted well at its facility.

Massachusetts joins coalition challenging EPA delay

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) — Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced July 25 that she has joined a coalition of 11 attorneys general in a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to challenge the agency’s allegedly unlawful delay of a rule providing vital protections to communities living near facilities housing dangerous chemicals.

Plain Green LLC, Great Plains Lending LLC accused of charging interest rates of more than 100 percent

RICHMOND, Va. (Legal Newsline) – Three Virginia consumers allege they were charged excessive interest rates on loans.

Atkins Nutritionals Inc. alleged to have deceptively marketed net carbs of food products

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – The maker of Atkins food products is accused of deceptively marking the products with 'net carbs' to mislead customers about the impact on blood sugar levels.

Frontier files suit over West Virginia's House Bill 3093

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (Legal Newsline) – The West Virginia arm of Frontier Communications has filed a suit against the state's governor and other officials regarding House Bill 3093, which pertains to access to utility poles.

Freedom Watch Inc. alleges Judicial Watch, American Conservation Union is restraining trade

MIAMI (Legal Newsline) – A government watchdog group alleges that it has been deprived of a crucial opportunity to fundraise and fulfill its mission because of the actions of another watchdog group and an organization.

Federal appeals court rules Surface Transportation Board exceeded authority

ST. LOUIS (Legal Newsline) – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit ruled that the Surface Transportation Board has exceeded its authority to define on-time performance of railway companies.

Law firms disagree about dividing up $8.6 million in fees awarded in Wells Fargo settlement

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – A dispute has arisen over the division of attorneys fees awarded by an Iowa court following a settlement in a class action case against Wells Fargo.

Kiss My Face files motion to stay in case questioning the use of 'natural' on labels

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A cosmetics company at the center of a class action lawsuit has requested the court hold off on a decision until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the term "natural."

Jet's Pizza seeks dismissal of complaint over Jumbo Jet Deal advertisement

ST. LOUIS (Legal Newsline) – A Missouri pizza shop has asked a federal court to dismiss a class action lawsuit that alleges it failed to mention additional pizza topping charges in an ad.

Justice Department accuses two Louisiana companies of Immigration and Nationality Act violations

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) — The U.S. Department of Justice announced July 26 it has filed a lawsuit against Louisiana-based companies Technical Marine Maintenance Texas LLC, which provides contract shipyard labor, and Gulf Coast Workforce LLC, a related company, for allegedly violating the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Two major pharmaceuticals agree to FTC divestiture settlement

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) — The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced July 20 that Baxter International Inc. and Claris Lifesciences Limited will divest two types of pharmaceutical products to settle anti-competitive allegations related to Baxter’s proposed $625 million acquisition of Claris’ injectable drugs business.

Court enters permanent injunction against Crown Labs after alleged distribution of misbranded drugs

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) — The U.S. Department of Justice announced July 27 that the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Crown Laboratories Inc. and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Bedard to stop the alleged distribution of unapproved and misbranded drugs.

Arizona announces $240,000 judgment against mortgage relief company after alleged scam

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) — Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced July 26 that his office has obtained a $241,401 judgment against Mortgage Relief Solutions Inc. (MRS) and owner Eric David Brown over allegations of consumer fraud.

Exxon claims $2 million penalty issued by feds is unlawful

DALLAS (Legal Newsline) – Exxon Mobil is challenging a $2 million penalty imposed on it by the federal government.

Man alleges Barclays Center denied employment because of misdemeanor in background check, files class action

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – A New York man alleges he was unlawfully denied employment because of the results of a background screening.

Woman claims Clarins' anti-cellulite lotion claims are misleading

CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – An Illinois consumer alleges she paid an unjustified premium price for anti-cellulite cream she claims is falsely advertised.

Man claims Smile Brand Finance's collection calls violate federal law

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – A California man alleges a dental finance company has been unlawfully contacting him.