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Welch Foods wins motion to move deceptive marketing case to New York

CAMDEN, N.J. (Legal Newsline) -- Welch Foods Inc. has been given permission by a New Jersey federal court to move a case involving alleged deceptive marketing to New York, where a similar lawsuit had been filed against the corporation.

Conn. SC barring fluctuating workweek method for retail workers won't 'change much'

HARTFORD, Conn. (Legal Newsline) – Although the Connecticut Supreme Court has stated in a recent opinion that the fluctuating workweek method cannot be used for retail employees, one attorney says the outcome of the case may not be as significant as some may think.

Family of woman killed in Alaska house fire lose case for filing nine days after statute ran out

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Legal Newsline) – The family of a woman who was killed in a house fire lost their suit against their neighbor due to filing the complaint after the statute of limitations had run out.

Car insurers don't have to pay out after man shot in car

PORTLAND, Maine (Legal Newsline) – The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a ruling that car insurance companies named as defendants in a lawsuit are not responsible for paying recovery fees to the parents of a man who died in a vehicle from gunshot wounds.

Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc., Sexy Hair Concepts files second motion to dismiss shampoo suit

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) – Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. and Sexy Hair Concepts have filed a second motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the companies made false claims about the contents in Healthy Sexy Sulfate-Free Soy Moisturizing shampoo.

Latham & Watkins avoids malicious prosecution claim

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A law firm can't be sued for pursuing a lawsuit in alleged bad faith, as that case had made it past the summary judgment phase, the California Supreme Court has decided.

California court won't dismiss Odwalla and ZICO Beverages 'no sugar added' lawsuits

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – Two drink companies who were sued for allegedly misusing their "no sugar added" labels have had their motions to dismiss the cases denied.

Scram files motion to dismiss a second complaint over alcohol monitoring device

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – An alcohol monitoring system company has filed a motion to dismiss an amended complaint that accuses the company of selling an alcohol-monitoring device that does not work.

California officials seek dismissal of suit claiming violation of National Voter Registration Act

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – After being sued by various voting groups, California government officials have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that the plaintiffs allegedly fail to state a claim and have already sued about the same claims previously.

Jet's Pizza seeks dismissal of complaint over Jumbo Jet Deal advertisement

ST. LOUIS (Legal Newsline) – A Missouri pizza shop has asked a federal court to dismiss a class action lawsuit that alleges it failed to mention additional pizza topping charges in an ad.

Supreme Court of Texas reverses ruling finding Exxon Mobile responsible for man's death

AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline) – The Supreme Court of Texas ruled on June 23 that Exxon Mobil was not at fault for the death of a man who was assaulted by a convenient store's employee.

Maine Supreme Court affirms Homeward Residential must pay attorneys' fees in foreclosure case

PORTLAND, Maine (Legal Newsline) – A mortgage company is faced with paying $59,115 of the attorney fees belonging to a defendant after the Maine Supreme Judicial Court affirmed a trial court's judgment.

Supreme Court rules Jewels by Park Lane case to be dismissed for improper filing

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Legal Newsline) – The Alabama Supreme Court of Alabama has dismissed a lawsuit against a jewelry company on the grounds of filing in an improper venue.

Carrington Tea Co. seeks to dismiss suit alleging 'unhealthy' coconut oil

SAN DIEGO (Legal Newsline) – Carrington Tea Co. has filed a motion asking the U.S. District Court of Southern District of California to dismiss a lawsuit against it over claims that it misleads consumers with the label on coconut oil products.

Military housing company Corvias wins appeal to sue in bathroom fan fire case

TOPEKA, Kan. (Legal Newsline) – A Kansas military housing company won its appeal after suing two companies responsible for constructing a bathroom fan that allegedly caused two fires.

Police brutality victim will not receive award money from Baltimore, appeals court rules

BALTIMORE (Legal Newsline) – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has ruled against allowing a police brutality victim to collect damages from the city of Baltimore.

After losing dismissal request, former judge pleads guilty to Social Security scam with Ky. lawyer

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Legal Newsline) – Just two weeks after a federal judge pleaded not guilty to scamming the federal government out of approximately $600 million, he retracted his plea.

Judge rules Kimpton Hotel may still be held legally responsible for data breach

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A federal judge has denied a California hotel's motion dismissal in a data breach lawsuit brought by a former customer.

Baylor University says complaint made by employee fired during sexual assault controversy is 'pure fiction'

WACO, Texas (Legal Newsline) – Baylor University is requesting a lawsuit filed by a former employee who was fired amid a student's sexual assault controversy to be thrown out.

Seattle's law to unionize ride-sharing could damage services like Uber and Lyft

The City of Seattle is attempting to unionize the growing industry of ride-sharing transportation. But some app companies and their drivers are fighting back.