News from November 2018

Money for nothing: SCOTUS could stop class action funds from being steered to non-parties

By Daniel Fisher | Nov 1, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a case that could end cy pres, the practice of steering money in class action settlements to organizations with absolutely no connection to the underlying lawsuit.

Switch Sparkling beverages contain preservatives despite claims, New York consumer alleges

By Bree Gonzales | Nov 1, 2018

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – A New York resident consumer alleges a brand of sparkling fruit juices misleads consumers into thinking they are purchasing healthier products that are lower in calories.

Maine Supreme Court affirms dismissal of most of nurse's case but allows defamation claim to proceed

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 1, 2018

PORTLAND, Maine (Legal Newsline) – The Maine Supreme Court has mostly affirmed the dismissal of a nurse practitioner's case she filed after she was not hired by a hospital.

From Pennsylvania Record

Attack on paint industry spreads to Pennsylvania; Sherwin-Williams asks judge for help

By John O'Brien | Nov 1, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania will be the next battleground in historically hard-fought litigation over lead paint, as private lawyers seeking one-third of possible multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements are teaming with county officials on lawsuits.

Mich. court rules for spectators run over by snowmobile at race

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 1, 2018

LANSING, Mich. (Legal Newsline) – The case of two snowmobile race attendees who were injured has had a change, as the decision has been reversed by an appellate court.

Names of hundreds of addicts to be disclosed in opioid litigation

By Dan Fisher | Nov 1, 2018

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - Plaintiff lawyers representing Ohio cities and counties say they’ll comply with a judge’s order to identify hundreds of people who became addicted to prescription opioids by a deadline tomorrow, peevishly accusing manufacturer defendants of doubting they’ll come through with the information.

Floor maker says lawyers' theories fall short in NYC asbestos case

By John O'Brien | Nov 2, 2018

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – The maker of floor tiles sued for a man’s asbestos-caused disease says all exposures to the deadly substance are not equal, using a 2015 state court decision that favored companies sued in the long-running mass tort.

Royal Funding Group alleged to have unlawfully placed marketing calls to consumer's cellphone

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Nov 2, 2018

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – A Huntington Beach, California man alleges that a Brooklyn, New York marketing company unlawfully called him for telemarketing purposes.

Illinois Supreme Court rules Chinese company could still have to pay $9 million injury judgment

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 2, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Legal Newsline) – The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that a $9 million judgment awarded to a man injured by an allegedly defective vitamin container could still be the responsibility of a Chinese company that sold the product in the containers.

New Hampshire high court reverses ruling in certificate case involving state bureau

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 2, 2018

CONCORD, N.H. (Legal Newsline) – The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that a lower court erred when it concluded a state agency was authorized to require a builder to complete a road project to a standard required of the previous builder in order to obtain a certificate.

Washington Supreme Court affirms decision in dispute over county's allegedly excessive permit fees

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 2, 2018

OLYMPIA, Wash. (Legal Newsline) – The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that the Land Use Petition Act does apply when parties challenge allegedly excessive permit application fees.

California court partially grants Ford summary judgment in cases over allegedly defective trucks

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 2, 2018

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – The owners of allegedly defective Ford F-350 pickup trucks partially lost their appeals in court as it decided for partial summary judgment in favor of the auto manufacturer.

Plaintiffs pursue certification for class action against Dollar General over allegedly obsolete motor oil

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 2, 2018

KANSAS CITY. Mo. (Legal Newsline) – A group of consumers is seeking certification for a class action lawsuit against retailer Dollar General over allegations it sold obsolete motor oil that is not suitable for modern automobiles.

Alaska accuses 3 opioid distributors of violating state law

By Marian Johns | Nov 2, 2018

ANCHORAGE — The state of Alaska has filed a lawsuit against three major opioid distributors, alleging the companies violated state law by failing to report suspicious orders and diversion of prescription drugs.

Arkansas asks U.S. Supreme Court to uphold state law regulating pharmacy reimbursements

By Marian Johns | Nov 2, 2018

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a state law that allows pharmacies to be reimbursed by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) for prescriptions they dispense to insured individuals at wholesale inventory costs.

Mississippi law firm alleges that SunTrust Bank withheld information that could have resulted in recovery of stolen money

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 2, 2018

JACKSON, Miss. (Legal Newsline) – A Jackson, Mississippi law firm alleges a bank failed to freeze all funds the firm transferred after it was notified of fraud.

Consumer alleges Casper Sleep uses wiretaps on website to collect information

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 2, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – A Dixon, California man alleges his keystrokes and other information were recorded in real time while browsing an online site to shop for mattresses.

Facebook allegedly stores location information without consent of users, man alleges

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 2, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A Facebook user alleges the social media site stores users' location data without consent.

Fort Lauderdale considers suing Big Oil amidst federal court rulings rejecting climate change theories

By John Sammon | Nov 2, 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE (Legal Newsline) – The Fort Lauderdale City Commission is considering suing oil companies over the climate change activists say could raise sea coastal levels to catastrophic proportions.

Philip Morris stockholder alleges he purchased stock at artificially inflated prices

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 2, 2018

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – A stockholder alleges prices for a tobacco company's stock were artificially inflated during the first quarter of 2018.

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