News from October 2015

Calif. residents sue homeopathic manufacturer, claim products do not work as advertised

By Hoang Tran | Oct 9, 2015

The proposed class action was filed last month in federal court against Nutramarks Inc., Nutrapure Inc. and Nutraceutical Corporation.

Labor union sues pharmaceutical companies for alleged deceptive business practices

By Robert Hadley | Oct 9, 2015

The Minnesota Laborers Health and Welfare Fund is suing Allergan, Warner Chilcott, Zydus and Cadila for unjust enrichment in a dispute involving medicine for ulcerative colitis.

N.Y. AG announces settlement with Guardian Industries

By Emily Moore | Oct 9, 2015

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the deal will resolve alleged violations of the federal Clean Air Act.

Sixth Circuit blocks EPA from enforcing 'Waters' rule; W.Va. AG calls decision a 'critical victory'

By Jessica Karmasek | Oct 9, 2015

The federal appellate court on Friday granted a motion that stops the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA from enforcing the new rule, which extends the agency’s authority to almost all bodies of water, no matter the size or frequency.

Honest Co. sued over allegations of misleading advertising

By Hoang Tran | Oct 12, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) - A Los Angeles man is suing a manufacturer of natural products, claiming their all natural claims are misleading.

Medical Informatics Engineering sued over allegations that negligence caused data breach

By Hoang Tran | Oct 12, 2015

FORT WAYNE (Legal Newsline) - A California man and woman are suing a large medical data base over claims that negligence led to a personal identity leak.

California man sues male enhancement drug manufacturer for allegedly fraudulent product

By Hoang Tran | Oct 12, 2015

SAN BERNARDINO (Legal Newsline) - A California man is suing a manufacturer of a gender specific product over claims of fraud.

Club Metro faces class action lawsuit over membership contracts

By Hoang Tran | Oct 13, 2015

A New Jersey man is suing health club over allegedly violating New Jersey consumer protection laws.

Contractors face lawsuit from the U.S. over fraud allegations

By Hoang Tran | Oct 13, 2015

The U.S. government is suing two contractors over alleged false claims of service.

Man sues Zulily over alleged manipulation of stock holders

By Hoang Tran | Oct 13, 2015

A man is suing a popular, large online retailer over claims of deceiving stockholders.

R.J. Reynolds faces lawsuit for Camel Cash program over allegations of contract breach

By Hoang Tran | Oct 13, 2015

Three Camel cigarette smokers are suing the tobacco company over the termination of its Camel Cash program, claiming that the termination was a breach of contract.

Wells Fargo faces a class action lawsuit for alleged fraudulent practices

By Hoang Tran | Oct 13, 2015

A California man is suing one of the world’s largest banks in relations to alleged fraudulent commercial lending practices.

Lawsuit against Facebook without merit, according to Lawsuit Watch Organization

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 13, 2015

A lawsuit filed against Facebook by a man who doesn’t even have an account with the social media website is a clear example of a frivolous suit and threatening Illinois' economy, according to an organization that fights against lawsuit abuse.

Chipotle: Proposed class action over non-GMO products has no merit

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 13, 2015

The restaurant chain claims that two of the lawsuit's major arguments -- over beverages and animal feed -- are "baseless."

Walker appoints state Appeals Court judge to Wis. SC

By Jessica Karmasek | Oct 13, 2015

Wisconsin Appeals Court Judge Rebecca Bradley, who decided to run for Justice N. Patrick Crooks’ seat on the high court prior to her appointment, will now serve in the deceased justice’s place until his current term ends July 31, 2016.

General counsel for W.Va. AG to serve as Wisconsin’s first solicitor general

By Jessica Karmasek | Oct 14, 2015

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced last week Misha Tseytlin has been appointed to the new position, focusing on appellate litigation.

Missouri to join lawsuit challenging EPA’s Clean Power Plan

By Jessica Karmasek | Oct 14, 2015

Attorney General Chris Koster argues that the federal agency has exceeded its authority in setting new carbon emissions standards and that the cost of compliance puts Missouri’s economy at risk.

Asbestos firm files appeal in effort to dismiss racketeering case against it

By John O'Brien | Oct 14, 2015

On Oct. 1, the Dallas firm Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett filed a notice to appeal a recent decision that denied the firm’s motion to dismiss the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act lawsuit against it. That suit, filed by former frequent asbestos defendant Garlock Sealing Technologies, alleges the firm hid evidence of their clients’ exposures to other asbestos products in order to drive up settlements and verdicts against Garlock.

San Diego man sues Sears over claims of fraudulent prices and misleading consumers

By Hoang Tran | Oct 14, 2015

A California man is suing one of the world's largest consumer retailers over claims of false advertisement.

Chipotle faces lawsuit over allegedly false non-GMO claims

By Hoang Tran | Oct 14, 2015

A California woman is suing one of the world’s largest Mexican fast food chains over claims of false advertising.

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