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Class action targets Nestle's alleged deceptive selling of trans fat creamer

A class action lawsuit targets Nestle's use of trans fat in its products and its allegedly deceptive advertising campaigns that have promoted its creamers as being healthy.

Class action alleges pharmaceutical firm illegally inflated worth

A Florida couple has filed a class action suit against a pharmaceutical company they allege violated federal law governing stocks.

Class action alleges company violated law by splitting in two

A class action in Florida aims to recover damages from a securities separation that allegedly didn't pay off for stockholders.

Class action seeks recovery of stockholder damages

A class action suit seeks damages from a company that allegedly used underhanded tactics to inflate its worth.

Class action aims to recover losses from allegedly bad Pathfinder transmissions

A class-action lawsuit seeks restitution for an allegedly faulty transmission in some recent models of the Nissan Pathfinder.

U.S. wants Black and Decker to report hazardous complaints about lawnmower

The U.S. government has sued Black and Decker for allegedly dragging its feet in reporting dangerous defects in its cordless electric lawnmower.

U.S. tells Minnesota company: Follow law or stop operations

The U.S. Attorney General's Office has sued to force a Minnesota medical device manufacturer to obey federal law in its operations.

Maryland AG calls for federal halt to Atlantic oil drilling plan

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is voicing his opposition to a plan to explore for oil and natural gas in the Atlantic Region's Outer Continental Shelf, calling on the federal government to put a stop to the plan.

Lawsuit against Ford alleges transmissions faulty

Class-action status is being sought for a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. over a type of transmission that renders Ford Focuses from 2011 to 2015 "virtually inoperable," the lawsuit said.In the lawsuit, filed on Feb. 20, Kevin and Andrea Klipfel, and other unnamed plaintiffs, are suing Ford Motor Co., plus 10 unnamed individual defendants.

Class-action suit filed against makers of skincare cream

A class-action suit seeking redress for various California law violations is being brought against the maker of the skin-care product called "éclos."

Class-action lawsuit filed against Starbucks for improper business practices

A class-action lawsuit seeks redress from Starbucks for allegedly violating the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

E*TRADE client's suit accuses brokerage of 'improper practices'

An E*TRADE client since 2006 is bringing a class-action lawsuit against the brokerage firm, alleging "improper practices." In a lawsuit filed on March 25, Ty Rayner and other parties in the class action sued E*TRADE Financial Corp. and E*TRADE Securities LLC, seeking "redress for E*TRADE’s breach of its duty of 'best execution' when routing a specific type of investment trade for execution on behalf of its customers, known as a 'non-directed, standing limit order,' " the lawsuit said.

Class-action lawsuit cites eBay's final value fees

A class-action lawsuit is taking aim at eBay's final value fees. 

University of Virginia Patent Foundation sues over nonpayment under license agreement

A university's patent foundation is suing a Pittsburg company for patent infringement.

Class-action lawsuit filed against Lenovo, SuperFish

A class-action lawsuit filed March 17 is being sought against a computer company Lenovo Inc., and software maker SuperFish Inc., for invasion of privacy.