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Nebraska Supreme Court turns back railroad brakeman’s injury appeal

LINCOLN, Neb. (Legal Newsline) – The Nebraska Supreme Court on May 5 turned back an appeal made by a railroad brakeman who claimed damages after allegedly suffering injuries when he attempted to turn the wheel of a handbrake on a railroad car.

Nebraska Supreme Court declines to rule in crop-dusting companies' dispute

LINCOLN, Neb. (Legal Newsline) – Two agriculture companies went to court over a non-compete clause in a lawsuit that has twice seen appeals dismissed for procedural reasons.

Nebraska SC sides with insurer on question of ‘actual cash value,’ depreciation of labor

The state’s high court, in its Feb. 17 opinion, sided with defendant American Family Mutual Insurance Company. The court held that an insurer may apply depreciation to the cost of labor when determining actual cash value under a standard policy that did not define the term “actual cash value.”