News from December 2015

Simmons Foundation gave $2.5M to Columbia Univ. over four years; Simmons firm received 26 asbestos referrals over same period

By Legal News Line | Dec 1, 2015

Asbestos lawyer John Simmons stands to make millions more on referrals from Dr. Robert Taub than Simmons' foundation gave Taub’s clinic.

CFPB explains proposal to prohibit anti-class action language in arbitration clauses

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 1, 2015

The bureau says it continues to seek feedback from stakeholders -- including consumer groups, industry groups and those representing class action lawyers -- before formally announcing a rule.

California woman alleges malpractice against Law Offices of Steven M. Johnson

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 1, 2015

ABILENE, Texas (Legal Newsline) – A California woman is suing a Texas law office and its agents over claims of professional malpractice.

Kate Spade faces price-scheming suit

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 1, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – Two women are suing a designer brand for allegedly falsely advertising original prices and corresponding price discounts.

Chicago man alleges drug retailers sell non-therapeutically equivalent drug

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 1, 2015

CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – A Chicago man is suing food and drug retailers for selling him a drug that was not therapeutically equivalent to the one prescribed by a physician.

Court throws out class action against airline over purchased in-flight services

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 1, 2015

A federal judge last week dismissed the lawsuit, filed by a New Jersey woman in March, concluding that the federal Airline Deregulation Act preempted all of her claims.

Suit claims unsolicited Hubbard House faxes are illegal

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 2, 2015

CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – A certain Chicago restaurant is being sued over claims of sending unsolicited fax advertisements.

Maryland man alleges AOL misrepresented services

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 2, 2015

GREENBELT, Md. (Legal Newsline) – A Maryland man is suing AOL over claims the company misled him into purchasing a subscription service to retrieve emails lost when his account was hacked.

Federal court won’t certify GM class action over religious accommodation claims -- at least, not yet

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 2, 2015

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, despite granting the automaker’s motion to dismiss the class action complaint, granted the plaintiffs leave to amend their complaint. The court said the class in the original complaint was not “ascertainable.”

Suit alleges Mayo Clinic made false Medicare claims

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 2, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Legal Newsline) – A woman is suing the Mayo Clinic and two of its doctors over alleged false claims made to Medicare.

Suit claims Faruqi firm breached contract

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 2, 2015

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – A Florida woman is suing her former employer, a New York law firm, over claims it did not pay her according to the parties' contract.

Orange County woman claims deceptive advertising against e-liquid sellers

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 2, 2015

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – An Orange County woman is suing manufacturers and sellers of e-cigarette products over deceptive misrepresentation of their e-liquids.

U.S. House committee report slams CFPB for campaign against vehicle finance companies

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 3, 2015

The report, released last week by the House Financial Services Committee, includes internal documents showing that the “disparate impact” theory being used by the bureau to build discrimination cases against auto lenders is weak.

Osiris, chief officers sued over claims of artificially inflated stock prices

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 3, 2015

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – A man is suing a Maryland regenerative medicine products company and several of its chief officers over claims of artificially inflated stock prices.

Federal judge rules against Apple workers who wanted overtime for bag checks

By Anna Aguillard | Dec 3, 2015

In November, a California federal court judge granted summary judgment to Apple after employees sought overtime pay for time spent in bag checks.

Duluth couple alleges Per Mar fraudulently overcharged customers

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 3, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS (Legal Newsline) – A Duluth husband and wife are suing a security services company over claims it overcharges its customers.

FDA revisiting what 'natural' means on food labels; Efforts could affect pending class actions

By Anna Aguillard | Dec 3, 2015

In light of a spark in class actions against food product manufacturers, the federal Food and Drug Administration announced recently that it is revisiting the use of the term “natural” on food labels.

NYC asbestos firm seeks info behind study on lucrative consolidated trials, will drop it if defendants stop mentioning it

By John O'Brien | Dec 3, 2015

Plaintiffs lawyers practicing in New York City’s controversial asbestos court are attempting to subpoena the authors of a recent study that showed trials featuring multiple plaintiffs result in larger per-claimant verdicts than individual trials.

Federal judge grants final approval in consumer class action over Target data breach

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 3, 2015

Judge Paul Magnuson OKed the $10 million settlement agreement last month. Target will pay plaintiffs’ class counsel up to $6.75 million in fees and costs.

Suit claims Flotek misrepresented data to investors

By Robbie Hargett | Dec 3, 2015

HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – Investors are suing Flotek Industries and several of its executives after allegedly misrepresenting data and product effectiveness to investors.

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