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Class actions filed over L.A. gas leak; Attorney says residents seeking personal injury, property damages

LOS ANGELES (Legal News Line) — Southern California's gas problem has reached the courtroom. A gas leak in an affluent Los Angeles neighborhood has resulted in a class action lawsuit, Gandsey v. Southern California Gas Co. The utility discovered the leak on Oct. 23 and announced that it was “under control” on Feb. 12.

Confusing tax laws led to class actions against franchisees, Dunkin' Brands spokesman says

“State tax rates and laws are extremely complex, which often leads to confusion, especially for small business owners like our franchisees,” Drake said. “For example, in New Jersey, a consumer must pay tax on a bottled water if purchased at a restaurant like Dunkin' Donuts, but that same bottle of water is not subject to tax if it is purchased at a convenience store.”