SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) – A California man is suing CourtTrax to clear his name from the company's allegations that he breached fiduciary duty to the company in another suit.

Blair LaCorte filed a lawsuit Nov. 30 in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Washington against CourtTrax Corp.

In February, the suit states, certain holders of convertible promissory notes sued CourtTrax for its failure to pay an alleged sum of at least $493,000 in principal and interest owed on the notes, which were issued in July 2011.

CourtTrax claims LaCorte, who served on CourtTrax's board of directors from 2008 to approximately 2011 or 2012, violated fiduciary duties to CourtTrax, and that LaCorte should be held liable for any CourtTrax liability to the note holders.

This suit states LaCorte did not breach fiduciary duty owed to CourtTrax, but that any claim by CourtTrax against him for breach of fiduciary duty is barred by an indemnification agreement entered by the two parties that states any legal action by CourtTrax against LaCorte must be brought within two years of the action's accrual.

LaCorte seeks a judgment stating he did not breach fiduciary duties owed to CourtTrax and that he is not liable to the company for any judgment against it in favor of the note holders. LaCorte also seeks attorney fees, expert fees, and other litigation costs.

LaCorte is represented by attorneys Jeremy E. Roller and Elizabeth S. Weinstein of Yarmuth Wilsdon in Seattle.

U.S. District Court of the Western District of Washington Case number 2:15-CV-01880-RSM

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