App lets user boo, high five members of Congress after every vote

By David Yates | Sep 22, 2014

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – Countable, the political phone app responsible for flooding Capitol Hill with more than 300,000 emails on more than 10,000 pieces of legislation, has a new function allowing constituents to “high five” or “boo” their representatives and senators after every vote they cast.

According to a Friday press release, Countable crunches legislation down to easy-to-understand descriptions, and then allows users to message their representatives and senators to support or oppose any piece of legislation with one click.

With the new functionality, after a vote has been cast, Countable will alert users to how their elected official voted. From there, the app gives users a chance to “boo” or “high five” the elected official by publicly cheering or jeering them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as allowing them to send a direct message of support or disappointment to the elected member.

“We’re taking accountability for politicians to a whole new level,” said Bart Myers, CEO of Countable.

“Busy Americans don’t have time to follow all the votes in Congress, let alone try to find the roll call, to see how their elected official voted, even on the bills they care about the most. Politicians know that, and therefore presume that a lot of their votes will go undiscovered and unnoticed.”

The newest version of Countable can be downloaded at the iTunes store.

Countable was launched in May.

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