Van Hollen

MADISON, Wisc. (Legal Newsline) - A Wilton, Wisc., man and his corporation have been found guilty of civil environmental violations resulting from dumping septage onto the banks of a local creek.

Ronald Drews and Drew Farms, Inc., through the actions of the Trailside Bed and Breakfast and the Dorset Valley Schoolhouse Restaurant, were found to have violated Wisconsin's septage laws on three occasions in 2006 by dumping the businesses' septage on the banks of Dorset Creek.

Septage is the partially treated waste that is stored in a septic tank.

"This is an important case in the enforcement of Wisconsin's septage and solid waste laws," state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said.

"We will continue to work with the Department of Natural Resources to protect the waters of the state from illegal septage dumping, illegal solid waste sites near water and overflowing manure pits. Drews' violations affect not only his property but everyone down stream."

Drews was also found to have dumped his personal and business waste into a foundation pit from 2000-July 2006. That illegal solid waste was cleaned up in May.

Drew Farms, Inc., will also be forced to close by June 1. It also has a large manure pit that poses as an overflow danger to Dorset Creek, Van Hollen said.

Drews and his corporation will pay $56,700 for the environmental violations. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will receive $19,510 of that total.

The defendants were also ordered to stop any further collection or disposal of septage unless and until compliance with the state's regulatory requirements is met. The defendants are also required to stop storing or disposing of solid wastes on their property.

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