Blumenthal talks Cocaine on TV

By John O'Brien | May 8, 2007


Cocaine is off the shelves, and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal let the rest of his plan be known Tuesday afternoon on Fox News.

Connecticut's Attorney General talked briefly about the controversial energy drink with host Edie Hill and said his battle against Redux Beverages, which manufactures the drink, is not over.

Blumenthal, who was instrumental in having the drink embargoed in his state, said he has acted against Redux not only because of its marketing strategy but because of Cocaine's ingredients. He said there is an excessive amount of caffeine and an unknown throat-numbing agent contained in Cocaine.

"This is potentially a dangerous and harmful drink," Blumenthal said.

"I'm happy it's gone (off the shelves), but I'm not really done."

Redux was unlicensed to sell the drink in Connecticut, the main reason the drink was embargoed, according to Consumer of Department Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr. For Blumenthal to get on board with reinstating it, he said Redux will have to fully disclose the amount of caffeine in Cocaine and identify the throat-numbing agent.

It will also have to stop marketing itself as a legal alternative to the drug cocaine, or "speed in a bottle," as Blumenthal put it. Redux must also become properly licensed and provide distributors and retailers with refunds and reimbursement.

"A play on words can be dangerous if it lures illicit drug use," Blumenthal said.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently joined Blumenthal in ensuring the drink was embargoed in their respective states. The Texas Department of State Health Services seized approximately $200,000 of cocaine in several Dallas-area warehouses.

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