News from May 2007

Lead paint lawsuit tide follows landmark Supreme Court ruling

By Legal News Line | May 1, 2007

Justice Louis B. Butler MADISON -- Last month's Wisconsin Supreme Court election that replaced Jon P. Wilcox with controversial fellow-conservative Annette Ziegler is rumored to have cost over $6 million.

Blumenthal suing three companies

By John O'Brien | May 1, 2007

Blumenthal HARTFORD, Conn. - Claiming they violated state law by making telemarketing calls to individuals on the do-not-call list, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal filed suit Thursday against three companies.

Power companies won't receive reimbursement of defense costs

By John O'Brien | May 1, 2007

Dickson INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Supreme Court decided Tuesday that several power companies currently fighting a federal lawsuit are not entitled to reimbursement for their attorneys fees from their insurance companies.

Attorney general breaks quickest in 2008 race for Chief Justice

By Legal News Line | May 2, 2007

Mike McGrath (center) Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath doesn't believe in letting the grass grow under his feet.

Governor cites attorney general's stand in nixing tort-reform bill

By Legal News Line | May 2, 2007

Gov. Brad Henry OKLAHOMA CITY -- Attorney General Drew Edmondson is no doubt claiming major credit for the decision by his fellow-Democrat, Gov. Brad Henry, to veto a contentious tort-reform bill.

Supreme Court gives future colleague brief reprieve from charges

By Legal News Line | May 2, 2007

Judge Annette Ziegler MADISON -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court has put the state's Ethics Board on the clock over its allegations against Supreme Court Justice-elect Annette Ziegler.

Hood suing State Farm... again

By John O'Brien | May 2, 2007

Hood JACKSON, Miss. - For failing to work around a federal judge's rejection of a proposed settlement, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has decided to sue State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.

Paint companies must start planning lead cleanup

By John O'Brien | May 2, 2007

Lynch PROVIDENCE, R.I. - A Rhode Island Superior Court judge on Monday decided not to grant a stay of the lead-paint abatement planning process by which he'd already ordered three paint companies to abide.

Blumenthal: Wait on reform before signing contracts

By John O'Brien | May 2, 2007

Blumenthal HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wants power companies to have to wait until the state's lawmakers can change a few things before agreeing to any contracts.

Attorney general looks shaky as GOP opponent rakes in donations

By Legal News Line | May 3, 2007

Royal Alexander Predictions last month that Louisiana Republicans would aggressively target the state's Democratic attorney general during the forthcoming election cycle appear to be coming true.

McGraw still batting paver for payment

By John O'Brien | May 3, 2007

McGraw CHARLESTON, W. Va. - West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw won his case against a Mercer County asphalt paver nine years ago, but getting Huey Small to pay up has been the difficult part.

Ohio cases keep coming

By John O'Brien | May 3, 2007

Moyer COLUMBUS - The state's caseload rose by 2 percent in 2006, the Ohio Supreme Court announced Thursday.

AG King: Felons can't use fame for profit

By John O'Brien | May 3, 2007

King MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Alabama Attorney General Troy King on Thursday was celebrating the success of a bill that prevents felons from using their notoriety for profit.

Suit against McGraw settled

By John O'Brien | May 3, 2007

McGraw CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Some of that money earned on behalf of West Virginia consumers will go to pay off a lawsuit against Attorney General Darrell McGraw.

Attorney general butts in, butts out of Colo. water-rights spat

By Legal News Line | May 4, 2007

John Suthers DENVER -- The vexed question of water rights in western states appears to have thrown Colorado Attorney General John Suthers into a legal spin.

Blumenthal reiterates need for reform

By John O'Brien | May 4, 2007

Blumenthal HARTFORD, Conn. - With Connecticut's Department of Public Utility Control ready to pursue electricity capacity contracts, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Thursday again stressed his desire for delay.

Baby bibs full of lead, Cuomo said

By John O'Brien | May 4, 2007

Cuomo NEW YORK - As lead paint litigation spreads across the country, a pair of state attorneys general say lead exposure is, too.

Texas Democrats want high-profile blogging judge on highest bench

By Legal News Line | May 7, 2007

Judge Susan Criss AUSTIN -- Recent rumors that well-known Galveston Judge Susan Criss could be headed for a state Supreme Court campaign run were on the money.

Blockbuster sued in Cook Co. over icy sidewalk

By Legal News Line | May 7, 2007

CHICAGO -- A Chicago plaintiff sued the Blockbuster Videos corporation and its agents on March 30, 2007 for negligence, stemming from a slip and fall in front of the video drop box outside an Oak Park, Ill. store.

Plaintiff blames Wal-Mart for 'unnatural' accumulation of ice

By Legal News Line | May 7, 2007

CHICAGO -- An Illinois woman recently filed a complaint alleging that Wal-Mart's negligence during a December 2005 snowstorm led to a fall causing injuries worth more than $300,000.

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