News from July 2016

Consumer accuses electronics firm of selling defective oven

By Michael Abella | Jul 1, 2016

CLEVELAND — An Ohio man is suing an electronics business, alleging consumer fraud, breach of express warranty and manufacturing defect.

Consumer accuses Shredded Wheat manufacturer of deceptive advertising

By Legal News Line | Jul 1, 2016

SAN JOSE — A California consumer is suing the manufacturers of Shredded Wheat, alleging breach of express warranty, deceptive advertising, misrepresentations and failure to warn.

Alabama consumer accuses of harassment

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 1, 2016

MOBILE — An Alabama man is suing, alleging violation of telephone harassment statutes.

California consumer accuses insurance company of phone harassment

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 1, 2016

LOS ANGELES — A California man is suing an insurance firm and others, alleging they sent him automated text messages without his consent.

FTC files complaint to bar merger of Superior Plus Corp. and Canexus Corp.

By Mark Iandolo | Jul 1, 2016

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the filing of an administrative complaint against Superior Plus Corp. and Canexus Corp., alleging that their proposed $982 million merger would violate antitrust laws.

B-G Mechanical Contractors to pay $220,000 after allegedly violating M/WBE rules

By Mark Iandolo | Jul 1, 2016

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced that B-G Mechanical Contractors Inc. (B-G) will pay $220,000 to resolve allegations of falsely certifying compliance with equal opportunity requirements on two public contracts.

Medford Multicare Center for Living to pay $28 million after alleged fraud

By Mark Iandolo | Jul 1, 2016

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – Medford Multicare Center for Living Inc. will pay $28 million after allegations its owners looted the corporation and committed fraud and illegality in operating a business, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced.

FTC and Florida settle charges with Vast Tech Support and OMG Tech Help

By Mark Iandolo | Jul 1, 2016

MIAMI (Legal Newsline) – The Federal Trade Commission announced that, along with the State of Florida, it has settled charged with Vast Tech Support LLC and OMG Tech Help LLC over allegations the company scammed thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars through the sale of bogus tech support services.

Pet owner files class action against Whitebridge Pet Brands over Made in USA label

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 1, 2016

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – A Los Angeles County pet owner has filed a class-action lawsuit against a Chicago pet treats manufacturer alleging it misrepresents its products.

Woman accuses Home Depot of fraud over cabinet installation

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 1, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A Sonoma County, California resident is suing a home improvement products retailer alleging that the home improvement products retailer failed to provide the plaintiff the agreed products and services.

Class-action suit filed against Chiasma

By John Putz | Jul 1, 2016

BOSTON – A biopharmaceutical company is facing allegations that it carried out a scheme designed to deceive investors and persuade investors to purchase overpriced securities.

North Carolina, feds file suit against Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority

By Louie Torres | Jul 1, 2016

CHARLOTTE (Legal Newsline) – The federal government and a state have filed a suit against a medical provider accusing it of imposing insurance steering restrictions.

Should employers accommodate pasta worshippers?

By Vanessa Van Voorhis | Jul 5, 2016

LINCOLN, Neb. (Legal Newsline) – People can worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) if they so choose, but that doesn’t make FSMism a religion, a Nebraska federal judge ruled this year.

DOL overtime rule change could impact staffing at nonprofits

By Sharon Brooks Hodge | Jul 5, 2016

WASHINGTON – A lawyer specializing in nonprofits says organizations have several options when considering how to comply with new overtime rules imposed by the Department of Labor, including whether to reclassify employees as non-exempt.

Two separate yet similar lawsuits against Calif. AG Harris: One wins, one loses

By Kerrie Hatcher | Jul 5, 2016

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - Two Washington, D.C.-area organizations with separate lawsuits against California Attorney General and U.S. Senate-hopeful Kamala Harris over the same issue reached different outcomes.

Attorney: Since Ill. law applied to Facebook, expect more BIPA lawsuits

By Dawn Geske | Jul 5, 2016

MENLO PARK, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – California’s choice-of-law provision was recently used as an argument in a lawsuit between three Illinois residents and Facebook.

EEOC takes action against Desco Industries in retaliation-based discrimination case

By Mark Iandolo | Jul 5, 2016

RALEIGH, N.C. (Legal Newsline) – The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced a lawsuit against Desco Industries, charging the California-based manufacturer with violating federal law by firing an employee for complaining about race discrimination at its Sanford, North Carolina facility.

Ill. facial recognition law leads to wave of class actions against Facebook, others

By Stephanie N. Grimoldby | Jul 6, 2016

CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) - At the opening of this millennium, the idea of computer programs using facial recognition software to target ads to people was the stuff of such science fiction stories as the 2002 film “Minority Report.”

Cease-and-desist order follows Calif. Workers' Comp ruling

By Carrie Salls | Jul 6, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – California employers may be forced to find alternate Workers’ Compensation insurance programs following a ruling from the California Department of Insurance.

ASUS Computer gets infringement case moved to California

By Dawn Geske | Jul 6, 2016

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – A California-based computer company was granted a transfer of venue in an infringement suit with a mobile electronic transaction products manufacturer.

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