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Asbestos bankruptcy conference highlights Chapter 11

By Aricka Flowers | Jun 25, 2010

Hartley CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) - An asbestos litigation expert said rules being developed in asbestos Chapter 11 cases are serving as precedent for resolution of other mass torts.

Promise of scrutiny could save asbestos defendants

By Aricka Flowers | Sep 2, 2009

Dorigo Jones When General Motors filed for bankruptcy three months ago, legal analyst Bob Dorigo Jones said he was caught by surprise upon learning that mass tort litigation cost the auto giant close to $1 billion last year.

MDL judge could change the game of asbestos litigation

By Aricka Flowers | Aug 17, 2009

Robreno PHILADELPHIA (Legal Newsline) - Since his appointment last year to the U.S. Multi District Litigation on asbestos, Judge Eduardo Robreno has developed a reputation for clearing the court's massive docket at warp speed -- half a million cases in four months.

Judge Robreno: Cleaning up clogged asbestos MDL

By Aricka Flowers | Aug 4, 2009

Robreno Serving in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a federal judge is making a name for himself for his swift handling of a huge asbestos docket.

Asbestos ban advocates hang on Libby verdict

By Aricka Flowers | Jun 29, 2009

For activists who say they believe there should be a ban on asbestos, the controversial Libby, Mt., verdict for W.R. Grace has solidified their argument.

The Libby verdict: Did the judge play favorites?

By Aricka Flowers | Jun 2, 2009

Uhlmann The acquital of W.R. Grace in Libby, Mt., brought cheers among asbestos defendants who for decades have had little to celebrate in courtrooms across the country.

The Libby verdict: Prosecutors make a fatal mistake

By Aricka Flowers | May 21, 2009

Uhlmann As the people of Libby, Mont., come to grips with a jury's decision to acquit chemical company W.R. Grace of knowingly endangering their lives, legal experts are analyzing the process that led up to the controversial verdict.

California judge accuses asbestos firms of playing 'grisly games'

By Aricka Flowers | May 5, 2009

John Sullivan, CJAC President Attorneys across the country are erecting satellite offices in California - and not just because the weather's good in the Golden State.

Caffeine: The next Big Bad Wolf?

By Aricka Flowers | Aug 24, 2008

Timothy Sandefur CHICAGO (Legal Newsline)-Timothy Sandefur has a theory. When California Lawyer magazine asked him what product or industry would face the next major tort lawsuit, he replied with two words: Big Caffeine.

Illinois court 'within rights' to deny master roll of attorneys, reformer says

By Aricka Flowers | Jul 25, 2008

Ed Murnane SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Legal Newsline)--The Illinois Supreme Court was within its rights to deny giving a list of attorneys to an Internet site that allows clients to rate their lawyer's performance, a leading court reform advocate told Legal Newsline.

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