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Kilbride retention will have lasting effect on Illinois political landscape

By Andrea Holecek | Nov 29, 2010

Lousin With Democrats in firm control of state government, Abe Lincoln's stovepipe hat will likely not be needed to settle partisan gamesmanship that will shape the state's political landscape for the next 10 years.

For Republicans, Kilbride race about more than court decisions

By Andrea Holecek | Oct 13, 2010

Kilbride SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Legal Newsline) - As voting traditions go in Illinois, supreme court justices seeking retention always win.

Illinois Supreme Court justice could face retention battle

By Andrea Holecek | Apr 7, 2010

Kilbride The demise of medical malpractice reform and the upcoming battle over legislative redistricting could factor into a key Illinois Supreme Court retention race in November.

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