Lacrosse equipment company sued over Tank lacrosse head

By Legal News Line | Dec 10, 2014

DETROIT (Legal Newsline) - Michigan-based sports equipment manufacturer Warrior Sports, Inc. sued Delaware-based Maverik Lacrosse Group, Inc. on Friday over allegations of patent infringement.

In the suit filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan, Warrior Sports alleges that Maverik Lacrosse is infringing a patent by manufacturing, using, importing, offering to sell or selling lacrosse heads, including the Tank lacrosse head.

On Feb. 18, Warrior Sports was issued Patent No. D699798, which is titled "Lacrosse Head." The suit refers to this equipment as the "'798 Patent." Warrior Sports alleges that it is the sole owner of the '798 Patent and that it is entitled to sue for any infringment of the patent, whether past, present or future.

In the suit, Warrior Sports alleges that the Tank lacrosse head is protected by the '798 Patent and Maverik Lacrosse isn't authorization to sell it. 

The suit said Maverik Lacrosse sells the Tank lacrosse head throughout the United States via several retailers, including Lacrosse Monkey, Sport Stop, LAX World, Dick's Sporting Goods and Universal Lacrosse. Warrior Sports further alleges that Maverik Lacrosse continues to authorize the sale of the Tank lacrosse heads despite being informed of the patent issue.

The suit calls for a permanent injunction prohibiting Maverik Lacrosse, or any of its officers, employees or agents, from contributing to further infringment of the '798 Patent. It also calls for an award of damages proportionate to the alleged infringement, but no less than 100 percent of Maverik Lacrosse's actual profits or a reasonable royalty with interest. The company is also seeking reimbursement for legal costs.

Attorneys Douglas A. Dozeman, Janet Ramsey, Homayune Ghaussi and R. Michael Azzi are representing Warrior Sports.

U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan case number 2:14-cv-14608

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