Mass. insulation companies cited for violations of wage and hour laws‏

By Nick Rees | Oct 26, 2009

Martha Coakley (D)

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) - Two Massachusetts insulation companies have been cited by Attorney General Martha Coakley's office for violations of state wage and hour laws.

Proline Industries, Inc., based in South Easton, Mass., and David Cheffro, its owner, were cited for failing to submit certified payroll records on a weekly basis to the awarding authority of a Taunton Public School Project. They were also cited for filing to pay employees in a timely manner. The citations carry a total of $9,000 in fines.

The citation follows a March investigation into Proline's payment practices following a complaint that alleged the company failed to submit certified payroll records while performing work at Taunton High School and the John F. Parker Middle School in Taunton.

In reviewing Proline's records, the investigation found that Proline had failed to pay three employees in a timely manner in January and February 2009. Proline was also found to have failed to submit accurate and certified payroll records on a weekly basis, as required by the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Act.

The investigation also revealed that Proline had subcontracted a portion of its insulation work to National Abatement, Inc., of Peabody, Mass., and Jimmy Net, its owner, which also settled over allegations of failure to comply with Massachusetts; prevailing wage laws.

The investigation revealed that, from January through April, National Abatement had failed to pay a prevailing wage for work performed at the two schools and had not submitted certified payroll records on a weekly basis. National Abatement had also failed to submit true and accurate certified payroll records and failed to list all of its employees performing work on the records.

Under the settlement agreement, the company will pay a citation that includes almost $3,000 in restitution to employees and a $1,500 fine to the commonwealth. The company also faces a one-year debarment period prohibiting any bidding or contracting for any public works projects within Massachusetts.

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