Mark Shurtleff (R)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Legal Newsline)-Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has issued a stern warning to alcohol marketers and Nevada casinos.

The Republican attorney general, in a letter, warned companies not to send adult-oriented advertisements to Utah's children by text or e-mail.

"Sending even one message to a registered address or phone number could result in criminal liability and substantial civil fines for any company whose product is being advertised, any service provider who assists in sending the message, as well as any individual who actually authorizes or sends the message," Shurtleff wrote.

Letters were sent to 19 casino gaming companies and ten companies involved in selling or distributing alcohol.

In a statement, Shurtleff said Utahans can sign up e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers, instant message addresses and fax numbers with the Utah Child Protection Registry to keep from receiving advertisements for anything a minor is prohibited from purchasing.

So far, he said, more than 225,000 e-mail addresses and nearly 10,000 cell phone numbers are protected under the do-not-contact program.

Utahns can sign up for the registry at

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