Carter: Time to move on

By John O'Brien | Mar 24, 2008


INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter said Sunday that two terms in office is enough for him.

Carter, a Republican, announced at a news conference that instead of seeking re-election this year, he will look into private sector and not-for-profit endeavors, according to a report in The Associated Press.

Carter is known primarily for his cultivation of the Do-Not-Call list that penalized telemarketers. He also utilized the state's Do Not Fax law in October when he filed suits against more than a dozen companies.

"I've been in government to try to help address some things in society," Carter said, according to the report. "And I think the not-for-profit community is another valuable element in our society that can help in many ways."

Much of Carter's time in office was dedicated to consumer protection. He warned Indiana citizens of Super Bowl ticket scams last year when the Indianapolis Colts headed to Florida to play the Chicago Bears, and kept the state aware of other scams like human smuggling and foreign wire transfers.

Carter was born in Lafayette and graduated with honors from Harvard University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He earned a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Indiana University graduate Schools of Law and Business.

He has served as Chief City County attorney for the city of Indianapolis, Legislative Counsel for the Indiana State Senate, and the Agricultural Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Indiana Lieutenant Governor.

In 2004, Carter received the most votes of any candidate for a statewide office in 189 years of voting in the state.

Indianapolis attorney Linda Pence, a Democrat, announced that she will be making a run at the office.

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