WARREN, Ohio (Legal Newsline) - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced an order Friday against a charitable operation that solicited for breast cancer and veterans but allegedly did little or nothing to help breast cancer patients or veterans.

In 2012, DeWine filed a lawsuit against The American Breast Cancer Foundation, The American Veterans Federation, Brandon Malone, the creator of the two charities, and several other defendants for alleged violations of Ohio's charitable laws. After soliciting at least $366,000 in donations, The American Breast Cancer Foundation allegedly gave only $600 in direct aid to breast cancer patients. The American Veterans Federation allegedly failed to assist veterans in any way.

"It's infuriating when scammers dupe generous Americans into donating to sham charities by confusing them with legitimate-sounding names," DeWine said. "I am pleased that the money donated will now go to charities for breast cancer and veterans as intended."

In July, a court ruled the charities were fraudulent and ordered them to dissolve and pay $578,628.50. In separate rulings, the court ordered Brandon Malone, PJG Enterprises, a company that solicited on behalf of the organizations, and Paul Grossi, the owner of PJG, to pay $399,000. DeWine will distribute the money to breast cancer and veterans' charities. Under the terms of the orders, the defendants agreed not to solicit for charities in Ohio.

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