A Spotsylvania County physician filed suit against a cardiology practice and six medical professionals in Spotsylvania County Circuit Court, Virginia, on Feb. 6 alleging fraud and breach of contract.

Patrick Fitzsimmons, a former employee of Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg, Ltd., is suing the practice; Drs. Richard Lewis, Frank Snow, Gregory Kauffman, Scott Seidner and Anh Vu; and practice Administrator Atique Pappa.

Fitzsimmons, who remained a shareholder of the group after his termination, claims that compensation in the form of dividends, payments and the right to attend meetings was purposely and unlawfully withheld in retaliation for his having revealed the group’s fraudulent billing practices involving Medicare payments dating back to 2006. The plaintiff involved an outside billing consultant regarding the matter and was terminated from employment on April 1, 2012.

Fitzsimmons alleges that the practice’s failure to pay him violates the federal False Claims Act. He seeks $3 million in reimbursement, plus attorneys’ fees, expenses and costs, as well as reinstatement of his shareholder privileges.

Fitzsimmons is represented by John Barry Donohue Jr. of Richmond, Virginia.

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