News from April 2008

Michigan can survive with fewer judges, Chief Justice says

By John O'Brien | Apr 1, 2008

Taylor LANSING, Mich. - Michigan's court system appears to be keeping up with its caseload, according to figures released Monday in its annual report.

Endorsements continue to roll in for Greear

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 1, 2008

Greear CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Charleston attorney and West Virginia Attorney General Candidate Dan Greear recently announced additional support from legislators across the state.

Blumenthal sues FDA over OxyContin inactivity

By John O'Brien | Apr 1, 2008

Blumenthal HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is suing the federal government because, he says, it does not adequately warn consumers of the side effects of controversial painkiller OxyContin.

McCollum encouraged with success of causes

By John O'Brien | Apr 1, 2008

McCollum TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The state Legislature has, so far, embraced six bills supported by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum.

Oregon AG candidate Kroger gets key labor endorsement

By Chris Rizo | Apr 1, 2008

Kroger SALEM -- Oregon attorney general candidate John Kroger on Tuesday notched another endorsement from one of the state's leading labor unions.

ABC News at Capitol for W. Va. SC story

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 2, 2008

Ross CHARLESTON, W. Va. - An ABC News team has been in Charleston this week, apparently working on a story involving the headline-grabbing West Virginia Supreme Court cases involving Massey Energy.

Scruggs' former business partner fights sexual harassment suit

By John O'Brien | Apr 2, 2008

JACKSON, Miss. - The firm providing the financial support of the former Scruggs Katrina Group is trying to turn the tables on a former employee who filed a sexual harassment suit against it.

AG Brown sues EPA over greenhouse gas emissions

By Legal News Line | Apr 2, 2008

Brown California Attorney General Jerry Brown fired his latest shot against the federal government in his continuing effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the Golden State.

Washington AG contender takes shots at incumbent McKenna

By Chris Rizo | Apr 2, 2008

McKenna OLYMPIA -- Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna is in the thick of an election battle with John Ladenburg, who lost the Democratic primary for attorney general about 16 years ago.

Army of Ohio attorneys battle foreclosures pro bono

By Legal News Line | Apr 3, 2008

Dann COLUMBUS -- Ohio's top government officials announced a new weapon for battling the state's foreclosure crisis on Tuesday and its army is comprised of at least 1,100 Ohio attorneys.

NJ's top court undermines punitive damages awards

By Legal News Line | Apr 3, 2008

Justice Jaynee LaVecchia TRENTON -- Punitive damage awards should take financial health into account and should not be increased as a "general deterrent," the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled last week.

Taxpayers or lawyers? Hood must choose sides in $14 million settlement

By Steve Korris | Apr 3, 2008

Hood NEW YORK CITY - U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez chased criminal lawyers Joey Langston and Tim Balducci of Mississippi out of his court April 2, telling them they must return home to battle taxpayers over $14 million in class action proceeds.

Blumenthal settles with iMergent, cautions consumers

By John O'Brien | Apr 3, 2008

Blumenthal HARTFORD, Conn. - An eServices provider recently reached a pair of settlements, including one with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Massey boss threatened, grabbed reporter, ABC News says

By John O'Brien | Apr 3, 2008

ABC News photo of Don Blankenship CHARLESTON, W. Va. - ABC News plans to air its report on Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship's effect on the West Virginia Supreme Court Monday.

W. Va. Court again sides with Massey in high-profile case

By John O'Brien | Apr 3, 2008

Blankenship CHARLESTON, W. Va. - After months of controversy that included two justices recusing themselves, there was no change in the result of Massey Energy's appeal of a $76 million verdict against it to the state Supreme Court.

Survey shows most favor arbitration over litigation

By Chris Rizo | Apr 3, 2008

WASHINGTON - An overwhelming majority of voters say they prefer to resolve legal disputes through arbitration rather than seeking redress in the courts, a newly released poll indicates.

Colorado AG expecting suit over electronic voting machines

By Chris Rizo | Apr 4, 2008

Suthers DENVER-Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has warned that the Centennial State could be sued over a decision by the secretary of state to allow counties to use electronic voting machines in this year's elections.

'Sophisticated users' should know product dangers, Calif. SC rules

By Chris Rizo | Apr 4, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO - The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that manufacturers cannot be held liable for not warning professionals about product dangers that should be known among members of their trade.

Even more filed in W. Va. SC's recusal debate

By John O'Brien | Apr 4, 2008

Maynard CHARLESTON, W. Va. - West Virginia's Supreme Court attempted to return to normality Thursday after a 3-2 decision affirmed its earlier ruling in a controversial case.

Wasden named 'Statesman of the Year' by Idaho group

By Chris Rizo | Apr 7, 2008

'Statesman' Wasden POCATELLO -- Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has been named the 2008 Idaho Statesman of the Year.

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