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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mississippi Attorney General

Recent News About Mississippi Attorney General

  • Scruggs attacking Insurance Commissioner Dale

    Richard Scruggs' attack ad on Insurance Commissioner George Dale A prominent plaintiffs attorney with ties to the Mississippi Attorney General's office recently took out a full-page ad in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger depicting state Insurance Commissioner George Dale as a pig wearing lipstick.

  • Guice class denied certification, State Farm re-evaluating claims

    Hood GULFPORT, Miss. - While the end result of each "slab case" is plainly obvious to the naked eye, a federal judge on Thursday ruled that a similar acceptance can not be made as it relates to the means by which the result occurred.

  • Scruggs' contempt hearing set for Wednesday

    Hood BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Richard Scruggs, a trial lawyer with close ties to the Mississippi Attorney General's office, will be the subject of a civil contempt hearing Wednesday in Alabama federal court.

  • Attorney: State Farm settlement possibly "can't be fixed"

    Hood GULFPORT, Miss. - A team of lawyers led by nationally known plaintiffs attorney Richard Scruggs has withdrawn its request for approval of a multi-million-dollar settlement reached with State Farm Insurance Co.

  • AG Hood: Regulation, reform appropriate in insurance industry

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - To Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, selling insurance is a lot like driving a car.

  • Hood says he is trying to keep the peace

    Hood WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, though he has created quite a fuss lately, says it was all in the name of keeping things quiet.

  • U.S. Chamber speaks to NAAG

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Counterfeiting and piracy are becoming larger problems and costing people their jobs, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce told the National Association of Attorneys General Tuesday.

  • Attorney: AG Hood misrepresenting State Farm's position

    Hood Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood sounded as confused as most observers when he tried to explain to a House subcommittee how State Farm Insurance Co. is applying its policies to homeowners claims after Hurricane Katrina, an insurance attorney said Thursday.

  • State Farm asks judge to recuse himself; AG Hood files to intervene in Katrina settlement hearing

    Hood GULFPORT, Miss. - A day after State Farm Insurance Co. asked a federal judge to recuse himself from presiding over a portion of a proposed settlement with policyholders affected by Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood filed a motion to participate in Wednesday's settlement hearing.

  • Insurers group responds to Hood

    Hood DES PLAINES, Ill. - Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood claims he is attempting to protect insurance consumers with the legislation he recently crafted and is pushing on the state, but one industry head says the measures would have the opposite effect.

  • Senter sets settlement meeting date

    Hood GULFPORT, Miss. - The terms of a settlement rejected by a federal judge will be discussed during a Feb. 28 meeting with attorneys from both State Farm Insurance Co. and policyholders who allege State Farm is responsible for covering damages caused by Hurricane Katrina to their homes.

  • Mississippi noisier than its neighbors, attorney says

    Hood News stories about lawsuits that claim a lack of insurance coverage after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina have been everywhere recently.

  • Judge won't sign Hood's settlement

    GULFPORT, Miss. -- A federal judge Friday refused to sign off on a settlement between Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood and State Farm Insurance Co., citing procedural concerns over the agreement which would affect nearly 35,000 policyholders who have not filed suit against the company.

  • 'Monkey' off State Farm's back after settlement, attorney says

    With several thousand class-action claims and individual lawsuits originating from an alleged lack of coverage after Hurricane Katrina left to settle, State Farm Insurance Company at least has step one out of the way.

  • Hood, State Farm reach settlement

    Hood JACKSON, Miss. - Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood announced Tuesday that his office has reached a settlement with State Farm Insurance Company over damage done to homes by Hurricane Katrina.

  • As promised by AG Hood, Miss. congressmen attempting investigation of insurance industry

    Hood WASHINGTON, D.C. - A week ago, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood warned the five insurance companies he is suing over an alleged lack of coverage in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that if they didn't reach a settlement, Congress would get involved.

  • Hood not surprised by Katrina federal lawsuit outcome, takes shot at State Farm

    Jim Hood JACKSON, Miss. - Still in the middle of his own settlement talks with State Farm Insurance Co., Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said he wasn't surprised by Thursday's verdict and Friday's punitive damages amount in a federal lawsuit against the insurance company, which he then referred to as a "robber baron."

  • Hood, State Farm close to Katrina settlement

    Hood GULFPORT, Miss. - Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood and State Farm Insurance Company are reportedly close to agreeing on a settlement that will end hundreds of lawsuits.

  • Mississippi AG asks citizens to call for Katrina flood settlement

    Hood JACKSON, Miss. - After having his lawsuit against five insurance companies remanded to state court, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood recently asked for regular citizens to put the heat on the companies.