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Judge tosses North Dakota's opioid lawsuit against Purdue Pharma; Appeal coming

By Karen Kidd | May 16, 2019

BISMARCK, North Dakota (Legal Newsline) – A North Dakota judge has tossed the state attorney general's claims against Purdue Pharma that blame it for the opioid crisis - a decision that will be appealed.

Nevada AG's old law firm can make up to $350 million on his opioid lawsuit; GOP decries 'cronyism'

By Dan Fisher | May 8, 2019

CARSON CITY, Nev. (Legal Newsline) - Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford’s former law firm stands to earn as much as $350 million in fees under a generous contract to handle the state’s opioid lawsuit that also provides for the separate reimbursement of expenses.

Opioid judge forgives plaintiffs’ `egregious’ failure to disclose contract with key witness

By Daniel Fisher | Apr 30, 2019

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - It was “egregious” and it was unjustified, but the failure of plaintiff lawyers to reveal they’d put a star witness on the payroll more than a year ago didn’t justify the ultimate sanction of barring him from testifying in an upcoming trial, the judge overseeing federal multidistrict litigation against the opioid industry has decided.

Oklahoma's AG is twisting the law to suit his high-profile opioid case, Johnson & Johnson says

By John O'Brien | Apr 24, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – Oklahoma’s attorney general and the private lawyers he hired – who are earning millions from a lawsuit over the nation’s addiction crisis – are using a mangled interpretation of state law as they seek to generate headlines, one of the sued companies says.

Washington state claims three major drug companies failed to report, stop 'suspicious opioid' shipments

By Marian Johns | Apr 23, 2019

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) – The state of Washington has filed a lawsuit against three major prescription opioid distributors alleging the companies' negligence was a significant factor in the state's opioid epidemic.

Pharmaceutical company questions FDA's decision to delay approval of anti-opioid drug

By John Suayan | Apr 16, 2019

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – A Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company is suing the Food and Drug Administration, acting FDA Commissioner Norman E. Sharpless, the Department of Health and Human Services and HHS Secretary Alex M. Azar II for allegedly delaying the approval of a drug product it claims would combat the opioid crisis.

Opioid plaintiff lawyers sanctioned over key witness as defendants decry lack of evidence

By Daniel Fisher | Apr 9, 2019

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - Plaintiff attorneys have been sanctioned over their failure to disclose a consulting agreement with a key witness in the opioid multidistrict litigation, as defendant companies complain they are being stonewalled on other evidence critical to the case.

AG candidate Baker says Mississippi should end its alliance with private lawyers

By Brian Brueggemann | Apr 9, 2019

JACKSON, Miss. (Legal Newsline) – A candidate for attorney general of Mississippi says the office needs to quit the practice of letting outside law firms sue businesses on behalf of the state.

Okla. AG's $260M opioid settlement could foreshadow future settlements and fights over who gets the money

By Daniel Fisher | Apr 3, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY (Legal Newsline) - A week after Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced a $270 million settlement with Purdue Pharma, lawmakers are questioning why they weren’t consulted on the deal or how to distribute the money.

New York AG expands lawsuit against opioid manufacturers to include Purdue Pharma owners

By Marian Johns | Apr 2, 2019

ALBANY, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) — New York has filed a lawsuit against six prescription opioid manufacturers and the owners of Purdue Pharma, the Sackler family, alleging false and deceptive marketing and negligence in preventing "unlawful diversion" of controlled substances.

Okla. opioid settlement: Most to OSU, lawyers, and small percentage to cities and counties

By John O'Brien | Mar 29, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY (Legal Newsline) – A small portion of the $270 million settlement reached by Purdue Pharma and Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter “directly” addresses the opioid crisis around the state, while the bulk goes to lawyers and a treatment center at Oklahoma State University.

Multidistrict litigation swamps courts as rules struggle to catch up; Is reform on the way?

By Daniel Fisher | Mar 21, 2019

Multidistrict litigation – sprawling cases sometimes involving thousands of plaintiffs from all over the country – now represents more than half of the civil caseload in federal courts, according to a new survey, yet defendants complain the rules governing them are largely judge-made and haphazardly enforced.

Purdue Pharma calls Massachusetts opioid suit 'oversimplified scapegoating,' seeks dismissal

By Dan Fisher | Mar 5, 2019

BOSTON (Legal Newsline) - Purdue Pharma is asking a Massachusetts court to dismiss the state’s lawsuit against it, calling sensational allegations of wrongdoing by company executives and members of the founding Sackler family “oversimplified scapegoating based on a distorted account of the facts.”

Pharmacies the winners in Del. judge's ruling on State's opioid case

By Gabriel Neves | Feb 28, 2019

WILMINGTON, Del. (Legal Newsline) -- Pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacies who were sued by the state of Delaware over the opioid epidemic have obtained mixed results in court, as a judge there has granted parts of their motions to dismiss.

California asks insurance execs to stop prior authorization requirements for opioid treatment

By Marian Johns | Feb 19, 2019

SACRAMENTO — California's attorney general is asking 17 health insurance companies to do away with requirements for prior authorization for opioid abuse disorder patient's medication assisted treatment (MAT), arguing the requirements place a burden on those trying to get treatment.

Alaska accuses nation's largest opioid manufacturer of fraudulent marketing

By Marian Johns | Feb 7, 2019

JUNEAU — The state of Alaska has filed a lawsuit against the United States' largest opioid manufacturer alleging the company and its subsidiary fraudulently marketed its opioid drugs to prescribers.

Rite Aid to pay more than $170,000 into Massachusetts' fund for opioid overdose treatment as part of settlement

By Marian Johns | Jan 23, 2019

The State of Massachusetts will receive over $177,000 from Rite Aid as part of a settlement that will help fund the state's Municipal Naloxone Fund, according to the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office

Conn. judge rejects opioid claims, says allowing them would lead to 'junk justice'

By Daniel Fisher | Jan 14, 2019

HARTFORD, Conn. (Legal Newsline) - A Connecticut judge has dismissed lawsuits by four cities against the opioid industry, saying there is no logical way for the plaintiffs to calculate damages or distribute any money they might win in the litigation.

In opioid blame game, roles of Ohio doctors and so-called 'pill mills' sought

By Daniel Fisher | Jan 4, 2019

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - The state of Ohio is sitting on a database that could prove the Rosetta Stone for opioid plaintiffs and defendants alike, but so far only the defendants are demanding access to it.

Opioid judge rejects dismissal plea, orders first lawsuits to trial

By Daniel Fisher | Dec 20, 2018

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - Opioid manufacturers and distributors lost their long-shot bid to end more than 1,000 lawsuits against them as the federal judge overseeing multidistrict litigation rejected their motions to dismiss and ordered the first cases to trial next year.

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