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Annie's Homegrown falsely advertises products as preservative-free, consumer alleges

By Carrie Bradon | May 30, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A California woman alleges Annie's Homegrown products are falsely advertised as containing no preservatives and she relied on this claim when making purchases.

Man alleges lawsuit was dismissed because Chicago firm routinely failed to appear in court

By Carrie Bradon | May 30, 2019

CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – A Michigan man alleges his lawsuit was dismissed because a Chicago-based lawyer and law firm routinely failed to appear in court.

Delaware judge calls out lawyers' tendencies to exaggerate, inability to be brief

By Payton Kuhn | May 30, 2019

WILMINGTON, Del. (Legal Newsline) – A lawsuit between a Swiss holding company and a Delaware-based manufacturer isn't as simple as the companies keep claiming, and a Delaware judge recently let them know it.

Colorado Supreme Court upholds decision that university meal plans not subject to tax

By Payton Kuhn | May 29, 2019

DENVER (Legal Newsline) – The Supreme Court of Colorado has upheld a decision made by the Colorado Court of Appeals in favor of Sodexo, the food service provider for the Colorado School of Mines, regarding a sales tax dispute.

North Carolina residents allege TitleMax of South Carolina charged excessive interest rate

By Carrie Bradon | May 29, 2019

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Legal Newsline) – A group of North Carolina residents has filed a suit against three title loan lenders over allegations that liens were illegally placed on their vehicles.

South Dakota court rules for restaurant in slip-and-fall lawsuit

By Payton Kuhn | May 29, 2019

PIERRE, S.D. (Legal Newsline) – The Supreme Court of South Dakota has upheld a lower court's ruling that a restaurant was not negligence in a patron's slip-and-fall case.

New Jersey Supreme Court upholds denial of Merck shareholder's request for documents regarding Cubist purchase

By Payton Kuhn | May 29, 2019

TRENTON, N.J. (Legal Newsline) – The Supreme Court of New Jersey affirmed an appellate court’s decision to deny a shareholder of an American pharmaceutical company to inspect documents and records outlying the company’s purchase of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Iowa SC beats back union challenge to new law regarding dues

By Payton Kuhn | May 29, 2019

DES MOINES, Iowa (Legal Newsline) – The Iowa Supreme Court recently affirmed a county court’s summary judgment in favor of the state Legislature in response to claims from two Iowa labor unions that several 2017 amendments to the state's Public Employment Relations Act violated the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution.

Vermont Supreme Court rules for nurse who told cop about patient planning to drive drunk

By Payton Kuhn | May 29, 2019

MONTPELIER, Vt. (Legal Newsline) – The Vermont Supreme Court has affirmed a lower court's judgment in a case involving a nurse's disclosure to a police officer that the plaintiff was intoxicated and intending to drive home after receiving treatment from an emergency room.

Amusement park doesn't find immunity from lawsuits in state's recreational use statute

By Payton Kuhn | May 28, 2019

PHOENIX – The Arizona Supreme Court recently unanimously reversed an appellate court’s decision regarding a negligence lawsuit against Encanto Adventures, the operator of Phoenix’s Picnic Island amusement park, saying Encanto is not immune from liability under the state’s recreational use statute.

40 Under 40 winner Chris Stoy helps client to $1.3 million settlement in injury claim

By Robert Hadley | May 24, 2019

Imagine waking up after a blow to the head with little visible damage but the uncanny feeling something isn’t right.

Mass Roundup settlement could test the limits of tort law

By Dan Fisher | May 24, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) In a court hearing earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria announced he had hired Kenneth Feinberg to oversee mediation talks between Bayer AG and lawyers for thousands of plaintiffs claiming the popular herbicide Roundup causes cancer.

Amazon seeks confirmation of $26K arbitration award against man who allegedly abused Kindle platform

By Payton Kuhn | May 23, 2019

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) – Amazon Digital Services has submitted a request to the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Washington for confirmation of an arbitration award against Nilmer Rubio, a Filipino man who the company alleges abused the Kindle platform to increase reviews and royalties on a number of ebooks.

Texas Supreme Court tosses defamation suit against Dallas newspaper

By Takesha Thomas | May 23, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline) – The Supreme Court of Texas has reversed an appellate court's ruling and dismissed a defamation case against The Dallas Morning News.

Heartland Institute: North Carolina's lawsuit against e-cigarette maker is 'frivolous' and 'grandstanding'

By Karen Kidd | May 22, 2019

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (Legal Newsline) – North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein's lawsuit filed last week against e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL isn't all it seems, a government relations expert for an Illinois-based free-market think tank said during a recent interview.

Impact still being studied months after federal sentencing act signed

By John Breslin | May 22, 2019

Six months after its December 2018 passing with large bi-partisan support, the details of how an act aimed at reforming federal prison sentencing is impacting the 180,000 federal prisoners is becoming clearer.

Same day, different verdicts: Why do some juries think there is asbestos in talcum powder and others don't?

By John O'Brien | May 22, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) – Judges continue to play a crucial role in the sprawling, possibly multibillion-dollar talcum powder litigation facing Johnson & Johnson by choosing how jurors will view the plaintiffs’ key expert.

New York's highest court reverses $1 million ruling involving death of Bobcat skid steer operator

By Takesha Thomas | May 22, 2019

ALBANY, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – The New York Court of Appeals has reversed a lower court's ruling that found a rental center and equipment manufacturer liable for a man's death after he rented a Bobcat skid steer loader.

Court says Ohio gun owner cannot be subjected to litigation over New York shooting

By Takesha Thomas | May 22, 2019

ALBANY, N.Y. (Legal Newsline) – The New York Court of Appeals has ruled that an Ohio gun dealer cannot be subjected to litigation in New York after a gun he sold was involved in a New York shooting.

Oklahoma's opioid case heads into trial after similar public nuisance argument fails in North Dakota

By Karen Kidd | May 22, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY (Legal Newsline) – The nation's leading manufacturer of prescription opioids, including OxyContin, got some breathing room earlier this month when a federal judge in North Dakota dismissed one of dozens of cases against it, a university law school chair said during a recent interview.

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