SACRAMENTO (Legal Newsline) - In an e-mail to supporters on Monday, California Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown announced the launching of his campaign's first television ad. Brown writes in his e-mail message, "Thanks to the volunteers and the thousands of donations -- more than $1 million online -- we are in a virtual dead heat with my Republican opponent heading into the fall. And, importantly, we have the funds to start buying ads on television." The Democratic candidate, who faces former eBay CEO Meg Whitman in November, tells supporters that the state was dealt a "devastating blow" by the financial meltdown. "In this profoundly difficult period in our history, it is crucial that we all pull together. It is a time to unite, not to divide," Brown writes in his e-mail. In his first TV ad, Brown says it's time for California to live within their means and promises voters there will be no new taxes without their approval. "California needs major changes," he says in the ad. The first part of the TV ad touts Brown's achievements during his first stint as governor -- that he "cut waste" such as the governor's mansion and limo, balanced the state's budget, and created $1.9 million new jobs. Brown says the state must return power and decision-making back to the local level, "closer to the people." "We must start thinking as Californians first and members of a political party second," he writes in the e-mail to supporters. "I've seen government from every angle and I understand in depth the current breakdown in state government. "I believe with all my heart, at this stage in my life, I've got the independence and know-how to turn this breakdown into a breakthrough." Brown is entering the final two months of his campaign. He and Whitman are in a neck-and-neck race for governor, according to recent polls. From Legal Newsline: Reach Jessica Karmasek by e-mail at

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