Seamus P. McCaffery (L)

HARRISBURG -- One of the two Democratic candidates for today's Pennsylvania Supreme Court elections accused a Republican rival of being disingenuous over TV ads that have boosted her candidacy. Seamus P. McCaffery yesterday expressed skepticism over claims of ignorance by Maureen Lally-Green's campaign over the source of commercials praising her law-and-order record as a Superior Court judge. McCaffery claims Lally-Green received "$1.2 million in free advertising" from Virginia-based Center for Indivdual Freedom (CFIF). Republican Lally-Green's candidacy appears to have benefited from the exposure, LNL reported yesterday. She had earlier trailed both McCaffery and Republican front-runner Michael Krancer in campaign-funding, we reported late last month. McCaffery, who had raised over $1 million for his SC bid by late October, dismissed the Lally-Green campaign's denials about the CFIF campaign. "If somebody gave me $1.2 million in free advertising and media, I would know who their grandchildren are," McCaffery told AP. "I think most Pennsylvanians can see through what's going on here." Lally-Green spokesman Mark Weaver shot back that McCaffery was making "blatantly false accusations the night before an election." Weaver reiterated that Lally-Green's campaign had never been in contact with CFIF, AP reported. Democrat Debra Todd and Republican Michael Krancer are also on the ballot for today's vote. The four are battling for two open spots on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which currently favors Republicans 4-3.

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