Mark Shurtleff

SALT LAKE CITY -- Expect Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's next public-safety campaign - once he's released from hospital - to have a road-safety focus. Shurtleff broke his leg Saturday after skidding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a patch of gravel while preparing for a charity motorcycle ride, his office reported Saturday. The ride was to raise funds for a memorial to the state's fallen public-safety officers. The attorney-general's left leg is fractured in at least seven places and he will undergo a second surgery on it later this week, AP reported this morning (Sept. 24). He had his first surgery late Saturday at the University of Utah Hospital. A Shurtleff spokesman told the AP Saturday that Surtleff was test-riding a bike he'd picked up earlier that day from a Harley-Davidson delaership in Orem. The accident occurred in Lindon at about 2 p.m. Saturday. Yesterday Shurtleff was able to send text messages and sent apologies to the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation for his lack of participation in the fund-raiser, a spokesman told the AP today. He's likely to be in hospital for several weeks.

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