DES MOINES (Legal Newsline) - Leading Health Source Inc. of Las Vegas was barred by an Iowa judge from future health and nutrition product sales in the state Thursday after Attorney General Tom Miller brought an injunction against the company.


Company owners Broc Addis, Janelle Addis, Tom Simon and Doris Simon, as well as employees Reed Seely and Anthony Sherman, also were addressed by the judge.


An investigation into the company was launched following complaints from the daughter of an elderly couple victimized by the company.


The company allegedly charged the couple $44,000 for health supplements over a 20-month period after making outrageous claims about the abilities of some of the supplements to cure diseases, such as alzheimer's and diabetes.


During the investigation, notes were found that suggested the company was well aware of the couple's weaknesses and played on them during the sales calls.


“We demanded that Leading Health Source pay back every dime to this Iowa couple as a condition of our settlement, and the company has done so,” Miller said, noting that refunds and reversed credit card charges added up to about $44,600.


“As far as we know, these were the only Iowans with substantial losses. But if others come to light and want a refund, the company will have to provide one.”

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