EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (Legal Newsline) – In her quest to dethrone GOP Rep. Rodney Davis, Congressional hopeful Ann Callis has devised a new strategy – point out all the things her opponent is not doing.

On Saturday, the former Madison County judge Callis launched the “Do Nothing Davis” tour – a campaign highlighting how Davis defended the “do nothing” Congress and defended his taxpayer-funded perks, “even while Congress won’t do anything on equal pay or to raise the minimum wage,” a press release states.

Taxpayer-funded perks have been an agenda issue for Callis throughout her campaign.

During a July 25 radio interview on 1120 KMOX, Callis was asked if there was a particular policy she could point to that her presence in Washington will make a difference on. Her answer: Reform Congress by making U.S. elected officials pay for their own gym membership.

“This campaign is about people across Illinois who are sick of Washington politicians and insiders like Congressman Davis, who continues to defend the do nothing Congress while protecting his generous taxpayer-funded perks and hiring new lobbyists to represent the special interests that fund his campaign,” said Callis.

“[V]olunteers like you around our district are going to make your voices heard to remind do nothing Davis and his friends like Speaker Boehner that Congress should work for the people, not themselves.”

One of the issues the tour is focusing on is Davis hiring “another lobbyist to work on energy issues while simultaneously accepting significant campaign contributions from oil and gas companies,” the press release states.

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