DELRAY, Fla. (Legal Newsline) – A former heavyweight champ and Congressional hopeful is calling the recent Hobby Lobby decision a “blow to women’s health.”

On Monday the Supreme Court ruled owners of a closely held company, such as Hobby Lobby, are protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and cannot be forced by the executive branch to provide free abortifacients via their insurance plan.

The following day, Jameel “Big Time” McCline released a statement calling the decision “a blow to women’s health and states that it discriminates against women in the workforce.”

“Giving employers the right to deny health care to women is harmful and discriminatory,” said McCline.

“This ruling is an attack on a woman’s right to choose her health care options. For an employer to cover men’s Viagra as well as birth control in the form of vasectomies, while denying women birth control is just wrong. I respect all religious beliefs and I am a Christian. However to bestow right wing extreme opinions onto to the health of women is outrageous.”

McCline is competing against U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings in the Aug. 26 Democratic primary for the right to represent Florida’s 20th Congressional District.

“My mission is to champion the people of District 20 through education, empowerment and employment,” said McCline. “Our people have been left behind in Florida’s economic recovery and this Supreme Court ruling will further hinder the chances for all Americans to work toward a healthy future.”

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