General Electric sued over allegedly defective ovens

By Shaun Zinck | Jul 9, 2015

Attorney Rosalee Thomas has filed a class action suit against General Electric claiming one of its gas range ovens is defective.   FINKELSTEIN THOMPSON LLP

NEWARK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) - A major appliance manufacturer is being sued over possible defects in one of its free standing gas range ovens.

Sylvia Volin filed the lawsuit on June 17 in United States District Court in New Jersey against General Electric claiming the surface knobs on the oven are prone to rotate when inadvertently bumped.

The lawsuit claims when the knobs are bumped it opens the gas range, releasing the gas, and possibly igniting the fuel. The suit further claims the ovens also fail to timely ignite the gas that is released when in proper use and continuously emits the flammable gas.

“The defects make the defective gas range unsuitable for its intended use, and unable to operate as sold or intended,” the lawsuit said. “The defects create dangerous, volatile conditions for consumers, who are exposed to inadvertent fire ignition, unattended and uncontrolled gas fumes, or both.”

The lawsuit is seeking class status for those who purchased the defective ovens, and is also seeking more than $5 million in damages plus court costs.

Volin is represented by Rosalee B.C. Thomas, L. Kendall Satterfield and Mila F. Bartos of Finkelstein Thompson LLP in Washington, D.C. and Tracy D. Rezvani of Rezvani Volin P.C. also located in Washington, D.C.

United States District Court for the District of New Jersey case number 2:15-cv-0411.

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