A major wholesale company is accused of violating federal law by sending advertisements over a fax machine.

The Backer Law Firm LLC filed the lawsuit May 1 in Circuit Court of Missouri against Costco Wholesale Corp., claiming the company sent an advertisement to its fax machine in December 2012.

The lawsuit claims the advertisements, which were sent on Dec. 17, 2012, were “unsolicited” and as a result violates the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

“(Backer Law Firm) never authorized (Costco) to use (the) facsimile machine, telephone line, toner, paper, or memory for any purpose,” the lawsuit said.

The firm claims due to the advertisement being sent without its permission it was no longer in control of its fax machine, that it owned, and therefore was damaged by Costco as a result.

The law firm is seeking class status for the lawsuit against Costco. The firm is also seeking $500 to $1,500 in damages per advertisement sent over fax machines to class members.

The firm is represented by Ari N. Rodopoulos and Noah K. Wood of Wood Law Firm LLC in Kansas City, Mo.

Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Independence case number 4:15-cv-00327.

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