A class-action lawsuit filed in Florida claims a health food manufacturer falsely represented that its products were free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO).

Susan Lynn Slavinski filed the lawsuit on April 7 against Natural & Tasty, alleging the company advertised its Goldbaum's Quinoa Crisps as all natural and free of GMOs even though the barbecue-flavored crisps contain Maltodextrin, whole grain corn flower, barbecue seasoning and vegetable oil, all of which are either artificial or modified genetically.

“(Natural & Tasty's) representation that the product is “All Natural” and “GMO Free” is false, misleading and likely to deceive reasonable consumers because the product contains unnatural, synthetic, artificial and/or genetically modified ingredients,” the lawsuit said.

Slavinski is seeking class status for those who purchased the crisps, and is asking for more than $5 million in damages plus court costs. She is also seeking a court order preventing the company from continuing to advertise that its product is all natural.

She is represented by Michael T. Fraser of The Fraser Law Firm PC in Granite Bay, California. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida West Palm Beach Division case number is 9:15-cv-80451.

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