Ind. AG probing BP gas recall

by Bryan Cohen |
Aug. 23, 2012, 8:00am


INDIANAPOLIS (Legal Newsline) - Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced on Wednesday that his office will look into the recent BP gasoline recall to ensure that the rights of Indiana consumers are protected.

Motorists purchasing regular grade gasoline in Northwest Indiana at BP and other retail outlets such as Thornton's, Luke Oil and others reported car problems because of gasoline that was tainted.

"Our office opened an investigation regarding the BP gasoline recall in order to protect the significant number of consumers impacted," Zoeller said.

"We are closely monitoring the response by BP and will be reviewing their claims and reimbursement processes. As the watchdog for Indiana consumers my office has a duty to ensure consumer's rights are protected and that there is no undue delay in appropriate reimbursements."

The company released a statement on Tuesday stating that as much as 2.1 million gallons of regular grade gasoline blended at its Whiting gasoline storage terminal could be tainted. Gasoline blended at the facility from Aug. 13-17 contained higher than normal levels of polymeric residue, which could cause issues related to drivability. The contaminant could cause non-starting, shaking of the engine, hard starting or the illumination of the check engine light.

Consumers who bought fuel in Northwest Indiana at BP and other retail outlets in the past week could be impacted by the contaminant.

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