CONCORD, N.H. (Legal Newsline) - New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney warned consumers on Wednesday of a door-to-door magazine subscription sales scam operating in the state.

Sales people statewide are approaching consumers in their homes, often misrepresenting themselves as neighbors or individuals working to earn money to go to college, The sales people, however, are allegedly employed by United Circulation, are from out of state and may not be college students.

Delaney warned consumers that the subscription fees charged by United Circulation far exceed the actual cost of the subscriptions.

It is unlawful under New Hampshire's Consumer Protection Act, N.H. RSA 358-A, to use unfair or deceptive acts or practices in conducting any trade or commerce within the state. Deceptive acts or practices include deceptive representations or designations of geographic origin in connection with goods or services.

Consumers are also given the right to cancel any home solicitation sales transactions within three business days following the date of a transaction under New Hampshire Law, N.H. RSA 361-B:2.

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