WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - A workers' advocacy group that represents those who do not want to be compelled to join a labor union announced Wednesday it will begin a campaign to assist charter school teachers to be aware of their rights regarding unionization.

The National Right to Work Foundation attorneys will lead the operation of the National Right to Work Foundation's Charter School Initiative. The effort is believed necessary because charter school faculty and support personnel are increasingly being pressured to unionize, the group says.

According to the NRWF's communique, all charter school employees are entitled to certain constitutional and statutory rights. But these rights are not automatically provided and to enjoy many of them an employee may first have to assert his or her entitlement to them.

The NRWF program is designed to enlighten charter school employees about what they can do and about what the union and the employer cannot do.

Foundation attorneys have developed free educational materials for charter school teachers and employees and are available to provide free legal assistance to workers who may need it.

"Union bosses have decided that if they can't stop the growth of charter schools, then they might as well try to force their employees under a union monopoly," said Mark Mix, President of National Right to Work. "Of course this could prove disastrous for charter school teachers and students nationwide and we are prepared to defend charter school workers from the injustices of forced unionism."

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