WHEELING, W.Va. (Legal Newsline) -- Like boxers throwing punches before the referee reaches the ring, CSX Transportation and asbestos lawyers from Pittsburgh sue each other without permission from their judge.

CSX posted an amended complaint against Robert Peirce, Louis Raimond and Mark Coulter on July 14, and the attorneys posted answers and a counterclaim against CSX on July 28.

Though both sides asked U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp for leave to file the documents, Stamp hadn't granted it as of Aug. 4.

Stamp presides over CSX's claims that Peirce, Raimond, Coulter and radiologist Ray Harron of Bridgeport ran a racket that fabricated thousands of asbestos suits.

Stamp granted summary judgment in favor of Peirce, Raimond, Coulter and Harron in 2009, but Fourth Circuit appellate judges in Richmond reversed him last December.

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