RICHMOND, Va. (Legal Newsline) - The Florida man who accused President Barack Obama of treason has gotten involved in Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's challenge to federal health care reform.

William Spencer Connerat filed a three-page amicus brief in Cuccinelli's lawsuit Tuesday that says the health care reform package is unlawful because the man who signed it into law, Obama, is not qualified to do so.

Earlier this year, Connerat alleged Obama is guilty of treason because he is not qualified to be president. Connerat has requested Obama prove that he was born in the United States, but Obama has not responded.

Connerat claims the non-response is "a recorded admission of ineligibility."

Connerat, a University of Virginia graduate, also says he kept his brief short "out of respect for the court" and that he authored it while watching college football.

"(W)ith nothing further, this friend returns to repose, as Virginia plays University of Southern California, and he has not watched enough football this date," he wrote.

Conspiracy theorists have speculated about Obama's birthplace. When he produced his birth certificate from Hawaii, some felt the document had been altered.

Other explanations have been offered by those who feel Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson denied the federal government's motion to dismiss Cuccinelli's case, and the two sides are currently arguing over each others' motions for summary judgment.

Cuccinelli claims a state law protects Virginians from a financial penalty imposed by the federal reform package.

Individuals must pay a $695 penalty annually if they do not purchase health insurance. The mandate begins in 2014.

The Department of Health and Human Services argues that Congress determined the mandate is essential to the law's success.

Cuccinelli's case is separate from a 20-state suit filed in Florida federal court that claims the mandate is unconstitutional and has no state law issues.

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