Chevy dealer settles second Lemon Law suit

By Keith Loria | Aug 25, 2010


SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) - Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna announced on Friday that his office has reached a settlement with a Bothell Chevrolet dealership that allegedly violated the state's Lemon Law for a second time.

Brooks Biddle Chevrolet allegedly violated a November settlement by failing to inform a buyer of a 2002 GMC Yukon that the SUV had been returned to the manufacturer through a Lemon buyback initiative and was resold at auction.

The dealership will pay $3,140 in civil penalties and another $2,750 in costs associated with the litigation. Furthermore, if the company fails to comply with the law again, the state may seek a $25,000 penalty for any violation in the future.

The state's Lemon Law requires dealers to let buyers know a vehicle's history, including if it had ever been returned back to the manufacturer.

If it has been returned, a bright yellow "Lemon Law Resale Notice" must be placed on a car window and the car's title should include a note about its return.

In the November settlement, the dealership paid $4,000 to resolve allegations that it didn't provide the correct forms to 21 buyers. Under terms of that settlement, it also had to make a good-faith effort to resolve any further disputes.

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