COLUMBUS, Ohio (Legal Newsline) - Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and Commerce Director Kimberly Zurz filed lawsuits against four businesses and six individuals Friday, alleging violations of state labor laws.

"This is the largest minimum wage case in Ohio history and one of the largest prevailing wage cases in years," the Democratic AG said.

One case deals with a complaint against daycare provider Angels Learning Center, LLC, Yolanda Redman, Stacy Redman, Lindsay Redman and Darlene Day, all of Columbus, who are accused of failing to pay 150 employees the minimum rate of wages for work performed.

The state's complaint asks for $408,415.19 in minimum wages owed and double that amount, $816,830.38, in required statutory penalties for a total of $1,225,245.57.

A second complaint alleges violations of Ohio's Prevailing Wage Law and involves a state project to renovate office space. In that case, defendants 770 West Broad AGA, LLC; Leed Construction, Ltd.; Anchor Realty Construction, Inc.; Jason Gunsorek and Megan Burkholder are accused of paying 65 employees less than the prevailing wage and paying them for fewer hours than they worked.

The lawsuit asks for $508,456.75 in unpaid wages owed to employees and the same amount as a statutory penalty for a total of $1,016,913.50.

"The Ohio Department of Commerce is working to make sure that Ohioans are paid for every hour that they work," Zurz said.

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