John Kroger (D)

SALEM, Ore. (Legal Newsline)-The Oregon attorney general has reached a settlement with a charity he said used "deceptive and illegal practices" to raise money from Oregonians.

Attorney General John Kroger said last week that the United States Deputy Sheriffs' Association misled nearly 500 Oregon residents with a deceptive sweepstakes mailing that purported to help underfunded law enforcement agencies.

Kroger, a Democrat, said the Houston, Texas-based non-profit also failed to register its fundraising activities in Oregon, as required by state law.

He said the organization used only 1 percent of the money raised in direct grants to help deputy sheriffs, while most of the money was spent on such expenses as staff salaries and fundraising.

"Oregonians have a right to know that their donations are going to legitimate charities that obey the law," Kroger said.

The United States Deputy Sheriffs' Association has agreed to return the $8,253 it raised in Oregon. Under an agreement with Kroger, the group will give the money to the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association, which Kroger called a "legitimate" law enforcement charity.

"Groups that falsely claim to be helping law enforcement deceive Oregonians and harm the efforts of legitimate organizations like the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association," said Tillamook County Sheriff Todd Anderson, president of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association.

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