Lawrence Wasden (R)

BOISE, Idaho (Legal Newsline) -- Idaho Attorney General Lawrence
Wasden has released a new manual to help consumers avoid mortgage
fraud and foreclosure.

The publication, entitled "Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure", is free of
charge and includes information about foreclosure rescue schemes,
mortgage fraud and foreclosure prevention.

"Idaho has certainly not been immune from the nationwide mortgage
problems, and we have seen far too many foreclosures in our state,"
Wasden said. "We've also seen a number of deceptive mortgage rescue
scams that offer false hope in order to cheat Idahoans out of their

The manual spells out consumers' rights and remedies under state laws,
including the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Home
Ownership Equity Protection Act. It also provides contact information
for several mortgage-related resources for consumers.

"We've written this booklet to help Idahoans avoid these scams, take
appropriate steps to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes,"
Wasden said.

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