Doug Gansler (D)

BALTIMORE (Legal Newsline) -- Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler has filed a lawsuit against a Maryland homebuilder for illegal building and construction on Little Dobbins Island.

Daryl Wagner and his corporation, DCW Dutchship Island, LLC, built a home, gazebo, boat ramp, driveway, etc., on the island and allegedly increased the surface of the island by more than 6,000 square feet.

Gansler claims grading and disturbance of the island resulted in the removal and clearing of trees and natural vegetation, a violation of state law.

"We cannot ignore the blatant violations of the Critical Area law on Little Dobbins Island and excuse them after the fact," Gansler said. "Today's lawsuit...seeks removal of the illegally built structures and restoration of Little Dobbins Island."

The Critical Area law aims to protect the environmentally sensitive and significant lands within Maryland's Chesapeake and Coastal bays watersheds.

The suit seeks to have Wagner, who is described by Gansler as an "experienced registered homebuilder", to remove the structures and restore the land.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and the Maryland General Assembly expanded the Critical Area Commission's authority to pursue violations of the Critical Area law. This suit is the first action under the new law

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