Blumenthal goes after another power company

By John O'Brien | Aug 29, 2008


HARTFORD, Conn. (Legal Newsline) - Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal hasn't handled the state's two major energy companies with kid gloves, nor is he going easy on their competitors.

Blumenthal said Thursday that he is investigating the billing and marketing practices of MX Energy, which promotes itself as an alternative to Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating. Blumenthal said he has received complaints that the company isn't following through with promised cheaper rates.

"Consumers are in a state of electric shock -- jolted by outrageously high energy bills after being lured by the promise of cheaper electric service," Blumenthal said.

"MX Energy allegedly billed itself as an alternative to traditional energy supply companies, luring consumers with cheap teaser rates, only to ambush them with ridiculously high bills in the following months. These bait and switch schemes are unconscionable and unethical, and possibly unlawful.

The state's Department of Public Utility Control has opened a docket on the matter. Blumenthal said he is able to intervene in its proceedings.

Blumenthal recently complained that CL&P may have malfunctioning meters and criticized it and UI for their rate increase requests.

Now it's MX Energy's turn.

"Both business and residential energy consumers have reported misleading claims and billing practices by MX Energy, including the use of introductory rates to lure consumers into their service, but followed by outrageously expensive rates -- without warning -- after the introductory rate ends," Blumenthal said.

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