COLUMBUS, Ohio (Legal Newsline) - Republicans on Friday called for Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to resign the same day he admitted to an extra-marital affair and an internal investigation was released.

Dann admitted to the affair with an employee shortly after investigators announced one of Dann's aides, general service director Anthony Gutierrez, violated the office's policy against sexual harassment in his treatment of Vanessa Stout and Cindy Stankoski, whom he supervised.

Calling for Dann to step down, Ohio Republican Party deputy chairman Kevin DeWine said the attorney general allows an immoral and unethical atmosphere to thrive under his watch.

Dann turned the attorney general's office into a "raunchy frat pad," DeWine was quoted by The Associated Press as saying.

In an editorial Friday, the Tribune Chronicle of Warren, Ohio, said Dann would do well to resign.

"The hypocrisy and double standards that have plagued this once respectable state office will continue until Dann himself resigns. He should have done that today. He did not. We urge him to reconsider," the newspaper said.

Dann said he will not resign, citing the important legal work his office does.

"As disappointed as I am with the conduct of others, I am even more disappointed in myself," he said. "I did not create an atmosphere in my public and personal life that is consistent with the important mission of the office of the attorney general."

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