COLUMBUS, Ohio (Legal Newsline)- Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann admitted Friday to having a "romantic relationship" with a member of his staff.

Dann, who was speaking at a news conference about an ongoing investigation in his office of alleged sexual-harassment claims against then-Director of General Services Anthony Gutierrez, said he himself had what some would call an inappropriate relation during what he called a rough time in his marriage.

"This has been very, very difficult for me to do," Dann said. "It was wrong and I take responsibility for that."

Dann has not identified the staff member with whom he had the relationship. He said the person involved was not an elected official.

"I have had to take responsibility with my family, and by the way, I have not identified anybody," Dann said. "I know a relationship involves two people but I am only speaking for myself."

Dann said he would not resign, pointing to the "great legal work" performed by his office.

"There is nobody who has raised a single concern about the delivery of services from this office," he said.

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