LANSING, Mich. - An agreement reached with a propane company will keep Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox from charging the company with price-gouging.

Cox had filed a Notice of Intended Action against Inergy Propane earlier this month but worked out a solution Wednesday that offer refunds to its customers.

"I am pleased Inergy Propane worked with my office in order to resolve this matter quickly," Cox said. "Today's resolution will allow consumers an opportunity for refunds and an opportunity to work with Inergy Propane to secure propane at a locked-in lower price."

Cox said he received complaints from consumers being charged as much as $4.39 per gallon. Inergy agreed to provide partial refunds or credit to residential customers who had not entered into a fixed-price contract with Inergy from Nov. 1, 2007-Feb. 29.

Inergy will also offer fixed-price contracts that will not exceed $3 per gallon to all of its non-contract customers from June 2008-May 2009.

Inergy has several retail facilities in the state that operate under a different name. They are Blue Flame Gas, DeCock Bottled Gas, Gaylord Gas, Lagasco Propane, McBride Oil & Propane, Northwest Energy, Pearl Gas, Petoskey Propane, Progas Propane and Quality Propane.

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