RICHMOND, Va. - During a live blog Monday, Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell said regulation and litigation must be kept to a minimum if his state wants to continue its economic success.

And that future, he hopes, is one where he will be Governor.

On the blog Good Sense, McDonnell answered questions from around the state and was asked why he feels Republicans must keep their majority during this fall's election.

"Only Republicans govern from the premise that government must keep taxes, regulation and litigation low, that the free enterprise system and not government programs is the key to economic prosperity, and that traditional values must be preserved," McDonnell responded.

"In looking at the record of results by the parties there is no comparison."

McDonnell said Republicans have improved the state's government with reforms on issues like parole, welfare and juvenile justice while improving existing laws on drunk driving, gangs and sexual predators.

Also, Republicans enacted the transportation bill he recently supported, designed to lower congestion in the state's busiest sections. The state is usually placed at the top of lists that rank each state's legal and economic climate with regards to attracting businesses.

"Democrats can point to nowhere near the same record of results that benefited the Virginia citizen," McDonnell said. "It is a record Republicans will proudly run on this fall."

Another question asked if McDonnell would run for the U.S. Senate in 2008. McDonnell apparently has his sights set on another office.

"I will not be a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008," he said. "We have a great bench in the GOP though, and I know our nominee will be a very capable and ready candidate.

"My plan is to run for Governor in 2009, but for now my focus is on the mid-term elections that are only six weeks away."

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